Choosing an inverter

Everybody uses electronic devices when they are taking a trip with their car, SUV or motor-home. Maybe you or your passengers want to check for directions on the global positioning system, listen to your MP3 player, or play a portable video game. All these types of electronic gadgets can be powered or recharged by plugging them into the cigarette lighter or into the power port existent in your car.

But what happens if you want to use something more elaborate when you are on your trip? What if you are camping and you want to watch movies on LCD TV or a DVD player, make toast, or even work on your laptop computer? These are different types of devices that usually plug into regular power wall outlets, not cigarette lighters. To make your electronic devices function while you are on the road takes more than finding the right adapter. In order to get the right voltage needed for this type of electronic devices you have to use a power inverter.

A power inverter is an electric circuit designed to convert direct current (called DC) from the power that comes from a car battery, into alternating current (named AC). That is the kind of power supplied in your home by the electric power network. That kind of power is the right type needed by the larger electronics in order to function. What type of power inverter is the one needed for this job? Well, for the most cars and motor homes the main source of power is a 12V battery. Some others are using a heavy-duty 24V battery instead. That’s why is important to know in advance what type of battery is used by your car, in order to choose the right type of power inverter. Another important thing to know is the voltage used by your electronic devices. That can be 110V as in North America, 220V or 230V as in other parts of the world.

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